Rio Perdido is a wonderful place to reconnect with nature and its bounty. Our serene and magical setting is guaranteed to positively impact our guests. A stay with us is a powerful way to experience positive emotions that lead to increased well-being and physical health. A positive mindset is also the perfect way to regain a sense of purpose, joy, and energy to pursue your goals. 

We invite you to make contact with the earth, to play and find restoration in our mineral waters and to wake and walk in nature with comfort.  

At Rio Perdido there are many ways to disconnect from all the bustle of life, the frantic pace of the daily grind, and the constant need to be driven by technology's blue screens. Experience the joy of unplugging and regenerating your whole being. Wellness Travel is meant to do just that – to make you a healthier, more centered being. 

Time for yourself 

There are many ways to revitalize your spirit at Rio Perdido. Our bungalows are set in the most serene of settings, in which rest and relaxation will come naturally.  

We have crafted very unique, raised yoga pods, along the thermal canyon’s cliff-side.  

There are four separate, yet adjacent pods. These are ideal for a calm and focused practice. That said, deep meditation is possible almost anywhere within our special paradise.  

Treat yourself to time at our spa, where conscious professionals will help you revitalize your body with classic and signature treatments.

Take a mud bath. We source our ultra-mineralized mud from the base of the majestic & unexploited Miravalles Volcano. This mud has been tested by scientists and applied by many avid users. It clearly has restorative properties. It is another special offering, served to you by nature, herself. 

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Time with Others

We welcome you to restore and renew your connection with your companion travelers, to establish new friendships, or simply to reconnect with humanity in the ambiance of our surroundings. There are many places to do this, all while enjoying every minute of your time with others. We invite you to enjoy our 24-hour outdoor pool and wet bar, dine in our open-air restaurant, or share a meal on one of our platforms. Take a unique piece of Costa Rica back home with you to keep for yourself or to gift to those special to you by visiting our artisan store. 

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Time with Nature

The crown jewel of Rio Perdido is provided by Mother Nature. Our thermal river welcomes you to experience her warmth while bathing in her waters. For a more complete tour of our surroundings, white water tubing is offered.  

Our extensive trail system is the perfect path for mountain biking, running, hiking, or simply taking a leisurely stroll. For those who want another perspective, our canyon adventure includes a scenic and smooth ride along carbon fiber lines. 

We are fortunate to be near three off-site natural wonders, including a signature waterfall, a national park, and a volcano. 

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