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Eco-adventure lovers will be absolutely delighted by the activities in and around Rio Perdido. There is so much to do in this gloriously undiscovered area – from exhilarating zip-line tours through the canyon to thrill-inducing mountain bike rides. From scenic white water tubing excursions and picturesque hikes, to soothing hot springs. Should you wish to venture beyond our property, our hotel is just a short drive from amazing attractions, such as the majestic Miravalles Volcano and the Llanos del Cortés Waterfalls.

Rio Perdido Thermal Canyon & Springs

Rio Perdido — which means “lost river” — is the heart of our 1,500-acre private canyon reserve. This stunning natural setting is your invitation to wander and swim in the soothing waters. Rio Perdido is a mile long and is blessed with dozens of natural pools of varying temperatures —perfect for prolonged bathing.

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Canyon Adventure

While Costa Rica has dozens of tours with hundreds of ziplines, Rio Perdido has truly innovated the zipline experience with the Canyon Adventure.

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White Water Tubing

One of our most popular activities, White Water Tubing at Rio Perdido is a guest favorite. This adventure meanders through over a mile of stunning canyon landscape, narrow rock walls and rolling whitewater.

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Hiking Trails

When most people think of Costa Rica, lush rainforest comes to mind. But you’ll be amazed to learn that the area surrounding Rio Perdido is one of the rarest ecosystems in the Americas.

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Mountain Biking & Trail Running

At Rio Perdido, most of the terrain features solid rock, making the rides fun, fluid, and a good grip. Many visitors have referred to our trails as "tropical slick rock" and to this specific area as South Moab.

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Cliffside Yoga

Our cliffside Yoga Pods will take your flow to the next level as part of our “Meditation Done Right” initiative. Three pods are nestled into the cliffside, 43 meters above our geothermal river and surrounded by the forest canopy. We invite you into a mindful yoga practice with breathtaking views, for a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Wildlife spotting in Rio Perdido

The area surrounding Rio Perdido is one of the rarest ecosystems in the Americas. Two completely different worlds exist here: a lush jungle-like forest within the canyons, in contrast to a rare dwarf forest on the higher rocky grounds.

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Off-Property Adventures

White water rafting on the Tenorio River, Palo Verde National the activities around Rio Perdido!

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