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Eco-adventure lovers will be absolutely delighted by the activities in and around Rio Perdido. There is so much to do in this gloriously undiscovered area – from exhilarating zip-line tours through the canyon to thrill-inducing mountain bike rides. From scenic white water tubing excursions and picturesque hikes, to soothing hot springs. Should you wish to venture beyond our property, our hotel is just a short drive from amazing attractions, such as the majestic Miravalles Volcano and the Llanos del Cortés Waterfalls.

Discover Rio Perdido

Eco-adventure lovers will be delighted by the activities in and around Rio Perdido. 
There is so much to do in this gloriously secluded area. Whether you need the relaxation of body and mind or an adrenaline rush, we have just what you are longing for either on location or just a short trip away. 

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Canyon Adventure

There are hundreds of zip line tours throughout Costa Rica, but none like the ones we offer at Hotel Rio Perdido. The main stage of any zip line tour is the view. Nothing compares to sailing through our Rio Blanco canyon. We sought the expert advice and guidance of renowned adventure designers resulting in zip line perfection! The sequences of our tour will both please and surprise you with delight. 

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White Water Tubing

Hotel Rio Perdido's white water tubing is beyond compare! Picture yourself surrounded by our white canyon walls as you glide through on the magical waters of Rio Perdido. We use the most modern equipment available to assist you in safely traversing the river while the magic of the canyon teases your senses with ultimate joy.

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Scenic Hiking Points

View The Medicinal Spring, Mesa Norte and Las Tumbas.

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Mountain Biking & Trail Running

Our trails are locally known as Costa Rica's finest and most unique circuits. We offer a single track that flows through our gorgeous property, paths with monolithic rock, fun berms, and tricky descents. 

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Our cliffside pods are taking yoga to the next level as a part of our "meditation done right" initiative. The new feature is composed of four designated pods, nestled into the cliffside, 140 feet above the thermal river. 

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At Hotel Rio Perdido, we share our paradise with abundant wildlife.  We have large families of howler and white-faced Capuchin monkeys that visit us often. To experience their presence in their natural habitat is a rare treat to the outside world, but not to those at Hotel Rio Perdido. They are part of our family. The monkeys often visit the pool area and are in the river canyon. They also enjoy hanging out in the forest surrounding the bungalows.

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