Our Sanctuary

Where Sustainability and Beauty Meet

We are at heart, adventurers – and when we discovered the San Bernardo Lowlands in our native country of Costa Rica, we were absolutely captivated. As we stood atop a raised peninsula, formed by two converging canyons, where the cool Rio Blanco meets the hot waters of Rio Perdido, we wondered how on earth we could have missed this gem of a destination.

The Rio Perdido Story

Our vision was realized with the completion of Hotel Rio Perdido. We are excited to share it with you.

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Development & Design

Inspired by what we had seen, we devoted ourselves to making this treasure accessible to visitors in a sustainable way.

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Unique Nature: A Completely Intact Ecosystem that is Rare in the World

Hotel Rio Perdido is naturally a peaceful setting, where disconnecting comes easily, and the harmony of mind, body, and spirit are restored.

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Passive Wellness

Passive Wellness is a product designed to improve physical, mental, and emotional states for improved health.

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