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Enhance Your Visit

All of the amenities at Rio Perdido Hotel & Thermal Springs have been carefully designed to enhance your experience with us, and to make your visit as comfortable as it is inspiring. While the thermal river might be our resort’s most spectacular feature, it’s just one of many wonderful things waiting for you. Rise and shine with our complimentary breakfast, available every morning. Cool off in the pool as you enjoy a freshly squeezed juice, or visit The Workshop for an authentic memento of your time in Costa Rica. Should you need anything at all, our multi-lingual staff is eager to assist you.

Thermal River

Rio Perdido, which means “lost river”, is the centerpiece of the 600-acre private reserve. This mile long thermo-mineral gorge has dozens of hot pools wich draw their energy from deep magma flows, and is a completely natural and inspiring setting, unlike any other place on the planet.

Along the riverbed, there are 8 registered springs, which emanate over 4000 gallons of hot water every minute.  At these points, the water is a bit too hot for more than a dip of the foot, but as a result of the spring water mixing into the river’s flow, there are dozens of soothing pools of varying temperatures, which are absolutely perfect for prolonged bathing; and just upstream from the spring, you can actually swim in cool water.

Rio Perdido's Medicinal Water Spring

This spring was historically used by residents of Cañas, the county that is located directly south of Bagaces. It appears that they had been using the water for its curative properties for many generations and it is probable that they had picked this up from the Cabecar natives that had once thrived in the area (we have found many ancient artifacts scattered around these springs and CR’s museum authorities have dated them to at least 400 years ago). So, we know that these medicinal waters were used as a complement to bathing in the thermal springs, located in the canyon below.

Our consistent and comprehensive testing of the water's properties has revealed a rich and unique mineral balance that supports the historical claims of its health benefits. While there are many unproven theories derived from the physical composition of these waters, both, prominent scientists of international origins, as well as habitual drinkers, insist that this water can lower cholesterol and LDL levels. Consequently, this results in improved blood circulation and cardiovascular health, in general.

The water from the Medicinal Spring has a very distinctive taste, due to the presence of sodium ions (approx 1g/L), bicarbonates (over 2g/L), magnesium (7 mg/L), potassium (51mg/L), calcium (32 mg/L), chlorides (500 mg/L), Sulfates (47 mg/L), a high concentration of Silica (77 mg/L), and other essential salts and minerals. Nitrate levels were insignificant / nil. It is a naturally sparkling, volcanic mineral water.

The springs originate at a depth of 200-300ft where the spring water acquires most of its mineral-salts composition, as well as several beneficial biological elements. As the water ascends, thanks to natural, geological pressurization, the flow passes through various layers of rock and mineral-deposits which fortify and purify the water. The Medicinal Spring sources at 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aside from the scientific data, locals assure that the water also helps reduce stress levels and significantly wanes most abdominal aches. The townsfolk add that drinking two or three glasses of mineral water prior to breakfast and complementing this with a good walk, will help soothe practically any ailment.
The unique "wellness trifecta”, consisting of drinking this medicinally potent water, soaking in the canyon's therapeutic hot springs, and applying the chemically active volcanic mud offers us a one-of-a-kind procedure that is 100% natural and highly effective.

Complimentary Breakfast

Fuel up for a day of excitement (or relaxation) with our delectable complimentary breakfast; it features all of your favorite hot dishes, as well as fruit, cereal, pastries, coffee and juice.

Complimentary Internet access

We hope you will take some time to unplug while you’re in Costa Rica; but if you wish to stay connected, we offer complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access in your room, in the hotel lobby and by the swimming pool.

Shuttle Transportation

We offer shuttle services to and from Liberia Airport, as well as to local attractions including the beaches and national parks. Contact us for more information before your arrival.

Yoga Platform

Few activities are as inspiring as greeting the sunrise (or sunset) with a yoga session on our amazing deck. Find your center and be at one with your surroundings.

24-Hour Outdoor Pools & Wet Bar

Take a refreshing dip in our outdoor overflow pools, which are connected by walkways and bordered by foliage; or maybe lay down in one of the nearby beach chairs and enjoy a leisurely doze.

Quench your thirst without leaving the pool at our wet bar. Swim up and take a seat; our bartenders will concoct a refreshing beverage for you to sip on as you soak up the sun.

The workshop: artisan store

The Workshop showcases beautiful and uniquely Costa Rican products: from children’s toys to fresh-roasted organic coffee; all created from scratch by talented artists, artisans and farmers. Nothing here is mass produced and no two items are identical. We prioritize working with creators that operate consciously, so as to preserve our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Complimentary valet parking

We offer free valet parking as well as complimentary shuttle transportation services around the property.


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