Passive Wellness


Passive Wellness is a product designed to improve physical, mental, and emotional states for improved health. We recognize that attention to personal wellness needs is extremely important for balance in life. When those needs are met, a person is more effective in managing life's demands. Our goal to help your harmonious personal balance is achieved with little effort from you. At Rio Perdido, passive Wellness is naturally achieved because all of our offerings are crafted with Passive Wellness in mind. We aim to deliver a world-class wellness-focused experience.

There are approximately twenty miles (30+ km) of hiking and biking trails through the property guiding our guests to beautiful areas. Every piece of the journey will fill you with awe at the beauty surrounding you. 

Guests have access to a pristine thermo mineral river during their stay, with dozens of therapeutic, natural warm mineral pools. The very rare and uniquely intact ecosystem is home to diverse flora and fauna. The air quality is perfect, and the setting is ideal for forest bathing and other types of nature therapy.  

Bungalows are designed to support restoring deep sleep. We have developed effective ways to protect our largely neglected circadian rhythm, mostly by avoiding diffuse illumination, in favor of indirect and focal lighting.   

Finally and essentially, we put a great deal of consideration into the Rio Perdido gastronomy.  Our locally inspired and sourced food promotes healthy digestion and vitality. It is also delicious!