Recommended Activities Beyond Rio Perdido

White Water Rafting on the Tenorio River (Our Founder's Favorite)

The Tenorio River is a hidden gem for white water rafting —it’s our Founder’s favorite run. We have an exclusive back door scenic route that gets you to the put-in in no more than 30 minutes.

For those of you who are already rafters, this trip is a must. Challenges await, as you plunge through twists, turns and drops down 8 miles of intense rapids.

The Tenorio River will test your courage: it’s class III rapids boast irregular and medium waves, and fast maneuverings in fast rapids. Its class IV rapids are predictable, intense, and powerful.

Palo Verde National Park

This floating tour will take you through a vast network of channels that cut through the mangrove forests of Palo Verde National Park on the Tempisque River.

These wetlands are a defining characteristic of Guanacaste and host an abundance of flora and fauna unique to its ecosystem, including mangroves, savanna brush lands, and evergreen forests.

This part of the Tempisque River lowlands also supports a population of more than 50,000 waterfowl and forest bird species. Migratory birds nest, reproduce and feed here, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. Get your binoculars ready.

Bijagua’s Natural Wonders  (Hiking & Birdwatching Adventure)

On this tour, you’ll trek through a protected rainforest reserve featuring 5 miles of private hiking trails, and stop at multiple birdwatching platforms. This reserve adjoins the Tenorio Volcano National Park and covers over 220 hectares of rainforest —plenty of space for you to explore.

This experience also introduces you to one of Costa Rica’s most incredible sights: the enchanting Río Celeste. This river’s stunning turquoise color results from the chemical reaction between sulfur and carbonate, making it a unique natural wonder.

Post-hike, enjoy a delicious meal amongst good company.

Bijagua’s Nature Expedition at Night

Depart at sunset and watch the forest come alive as nocturnal animals begin their night-time activities —hunting, eating and looking for mates. (The symphony of frog songs near the wetlands is incredible!)

Explore open grasslands, a wetland and the rainforest with your expert guide who’ll interpret nightlife in the forest. You’ll be in the presence of frogs, snakes, spiders, sleeping birds, kinkajous, and many other insects and amphibians that are impossible to spot during the day.

This is also the habitat of the endangered tapir —the largest land mammal in Costa Rica. Sightings are very rare. But you may see footprints and other evidence of its presence.

Treasures of Río Celeste (Enchanting Blue Water River)

This all-day experience takes you to one of Costa Rica’s most incredible sights: the enchanting Río Celeste. This river’s stunning turquoise color is the result of a chemical reaction between sulfur and carbonate, making it a unique natural wonder.

This adventure takes you through primary and secondary rainforest in Tenorio Volcano National Park, along the banks of the Río Celeste, and culminates at the Río Celeste waterfall.

On the trails, be on the look-out for monkeys, sloths, tropical birds and more. Then, you’ll arrive along the banks of the Río Celeste, and the source of the river’s unique color —the confluence of the Buena Vista and Roble rivers.

Keep your eye on the water as you hike upriver; you’ll notice the color intensify.

Finally, take in the brilliant turquoise water of the Río Celeste Waterfall —a 90 meter (295 ft.) waterfall that cascades into a deep blue pool surrounded by thick vegetation.

Gourmet Chocolate Tour & Local Traditions (Authentic Rainforest Ranch)

Visit one of the best gourmet chocolate tours in Costa Rica at La Anita Rainforest Ranch. Surrounded by mountain ranges, volcanoes and lush rainforest, La Anita is quintessentially rustic —you’ll feel immersed in the local culture here.

Rincón de la Vieja National Park (Volcanoes Up Close)

This is THE hike for observing volcanic activity up close. On the Las Pailas path, you’ll get the best views of boiling mud pots, sulfur springs, steam vents, and fumaroles. Along the way, your expert guide will explain the immense diversity and abundance of plants and wildlife found within this tropical forest.

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