Wildlife Spotting at Rio Perdido

The area surrounding Rio Perdido is one of the rarest ecosystems in the Americas. Two completely different worlds exist here: a lush jungle-like forest within the canyons, in contrast to a rare dwarf forest on the higher rocky grounds.

This means that you’ll see and experience one of the most productive wildlife ecosystems within our 1,500-acre canyon reserve.

Our astonishing range of wildlife includes two to three species of monkeys —two of which are common to spot on any given day; three to four species of big cats such as ocelots and pumas; all different types of marsupials including the woolly possum; kinkajous, porcupines, racoons, bats, agoutis, large reptiles, amphibians, and many different species of insects and exotic birds.

Fun Fact: At Rio Perdido, you can’t really go a day without seeing monkeys. We have large families of howler and white-faced Capuchin monkeys that have made the property their home. The monkeys are ever present in the pool area and swing from tree to tree in the river canyon. They also enjoy hanging out in the forest surrounding the bungalows.

Birdwatching Experience

Embark on an easily accessible birdwatching journey aimed at encountering a variety of birds across our reserve, where more than 140 species have been recently spotted. Traverse open areas and wind through the forest.

A light snack is included along the way.

This activity is led by a bilingual guide with expertise in birdwatching.

  • Difficulty level: Easy. Suitable for all fitness levels.
  • What to bring: comfortable clothing (neutral colors are preferable) tennis shoes or hiking boots, insect repellent, sunblock, and hat. Additionally, we recommend bringing your equipment such as binoculars, camera, telescope, and field guide (if you have one). The guide will be carrying equipment and a bird guide to share during the experience.
  • Schedule: Daily, 6am
  • Duration: 2 hours | 4 hours

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