The Rio Perdido Story


We are adventurers at heart. Exploration is a large part of who we are. When we discovered the San Bernardo Lowlands in our native country of Costa Rica, we were absolutely captivated. How could it be that we missed this stunning gem? We stood atop a raised peninsula formed by two converging canyons and were amazed at the beauty before us. A dream was born upon the sight of where the Rio Blanco's cool waters met the Rio Perdido's hot waters. Our vision was realized with the completion of Hotel Rio Perdido. We are excited to share it with you. 

Where Sustainability and Beauty Meet

As it turns out, most of Bagaces County residents had never seen this amazing place. The bridge that had previously connected it to the county's more populated areas and the federal roadway system had fallen years prior. The bridge was never replaced, leaving the canyonlands disconnected,  lost to the public. 

Additional exploration uncovered small pieces of shattered ceramic on or just below the surface of the land. With help from curators from the National Museum of Costa Rica, we categorized these pieces as authentic Chorotega artifacts, hundreds of years old. The Chorotega were one of eight indigenous ethnic groups inhabiting Costa Rica since the Europeans arrived 500 years ago. We realized that this stunning setting was an important gathering spot enjoyed by this ancient civilization. 

On the higher rocky areas, there exists a rare and beautiful "dwarf forest" ecosystem.  Within the canyons, however, completely different species of flora are found. These robust trees have a yearlong source of mineralized water and grow to be just about as tall as the canyon itself. When all the foliage is dense and green in the wet season, the serpentine canyon practically disappears from view. Even a bird flying above the very canyon could miss the camouflaged river - hence its name, Rio Perdido, or "lost river." 

We can proudly say that 90% of the team at this world-class destination is from the surrounding local towns.  We participate in local festivals and sporting events, from rodeos to soccer games. Our efforts include improving education, the boost of economic growth, and the environment's protection. This is our tribute to those who have devoted their talents to the dream come true: Hotel Rio Perdido. A strong sense of place and appreciation for our community offers the opportunity to bolster the local economy while providing an authentic experience to guests.