How the Thermal Mineral Springs are Integrated into Every Aspect of Our Experience

From the moment you arrive at Hotel Rio Perdido, you’ll completely understand that water is the essence of this very special place. The Rio Perdido — which means “lost river” — is the heart of our now 1,500-acre private canyon reserve. Over thousands of years, the force of its waters had carved the 160 ft deep gorge through this landscape. 

The river’s geothermal waters originate from volcanic activity.  Hot water flows from the springs into the Rio Perdido, creating a completely natural, hot mineral river.  It is unlike any other place on the planet.

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1,500 acres!

We joyfully announce that Rio Perdido will grow significantly in 2023.

It was about 15 years ago when we found this AMAZING hot river, meandering through a wild, rocky canyon, in the heart of Guanacaste.  We immediately knew that we had to safeguard this precious place and commit to stewarding it forever.  And so, we acquired the first 230 acres of land, encompassing the one-of-a-kind “Lost River”.  Shortly after, in 2010, we acquired more property, for the sake of completely protecting the thermal canyon and the unique ecosystem that surrounds it.  We suddenly had 600 acres to care for.  

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