Center Bungalow King

Center Bungalow King

Our Center Bungalows offer guests a completely new and unique concept, whereby, in a very comfortable and protected space, the lush exterior forest is projected into the room, through sweeping, floor-to-ceiling windows. The units offer an ample sleeping quarter, a small entry vestibule, a spacious terrace, as well as an exceptional, very comfortable bathroom concept, focused on optimizing the Rio

Perdido wellness product. Summed up, there is about 750 square feet of carefully designed bungalow space.


All furniture has been specially designed and hand-crafted. The main materials employed are raw solid steel, pure copper, and fine hardwoods. Walls are made of singed wood, treated with an ancient Japanese burning technique that vastly augments the woods durability. It is complemented with inert, black concrete panels. All of the floor is made of beautiful, locally quarried volcanic rock tiles. The side-by side outdoor showers are accessed from the bathroom area only, within a steel shell that provides 100% privacy for its users. The water is deep-well-sourced, perfectly pristine, thermo-mineral water. It is considered to be of medicinal grade by scientists that have visited us and officially tested the waters. Please note that there are no indoor showers. As part of our evolved wellness commitment, such a perfect shower experience should be enjoyed in tandem with RP’s uncommonly pure forest air.


Bathroom amenities are elaborated by an acclaimed, local company that has spent years providing high-quality, locally-sourced, organic beauty products. The generously-sized balcony is furnished with comfortable outdoor lounge seats that allow for proper decompression. This space is ideal for enjoying the tropical dry forest and its beautiful fauna… it’s also perfect for reading a good book, conversing with loved ones, and enjoying delicious, in-room (or should we say “out-room”) dining.


The toilet area is encased in black panels and tempered glass; there is significant separation from the sleeping / living area. Our double-sink has been hand-crafted out of high-grade metals, right here, onsite. This is no ordinary sink, it is a true and functional work of art. A high-definition projector and high quality pull-down screen substitute the typical TV set. The projection system is complemented by a sound bar with its own, dedicated subwoofer. If guests do not wish to use the AV system, the rolled screen can stay out of sight.



The Queen Center Bungalows offer two queen-sized beds.  And so, the Center Bungalows are ideal for couples, just as they can provide the perfect space for a family.




High-Definition projetor with cable channels.
Environmental program
Private terrace
Work desk and chair
Air conditioning
Mini refrigerator
Coffee station
Complimentary wireless Internet
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